Charles Robinson II - Lets Raise This Child Together

posted on 25 Sep 2017 13:38 by domijump

"Lets Raise This Child Together" by Charles Robinson II. This is a music video about raising a child in this world, and giving the love a child deserves.

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Murdah Baby links with Texas Director “REEL BUMP” for “Woke Up In Hell” shot somewhere in cali records slaps dope production from dj lazy k & mpc cartel.

7 Reasons Pancakes Are Better Than Waffles

posted on 24 Sep 2017 23:04 by domijump
Pancakes vs Waffles? Debateable, but theres a clear winner in the end. You may hear some try to convince you one way or the other that waffles are better but they are wrong. I'll help you out in your argument with seven points on why they aren't better.